50 Kid Friendly Summer Bucket List Ideas

Hey Mama!  If you are like me, you are fresh out of ideas on how to entertain these children for the next three months.  Honestly, this will be the longest summer of our lives and we all need some things to keep them busy since so much is still closed.  I came up with a list of some fun ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.  I tried my best to make it so all ages could participate.  I hope you can find this useful:)


    1. Visit your local body of water… Beach day, lake day, questionable water day.  LOL. Just kidding don’t do that.
    2. Take a hike… no literally
    3. Help an elderly neighbor in some way
    4. Throw a block party
    5. Creat a lemonade stand
    6. Open your own Little Free Library — we have one at our house and all of the neighbors love it! https://littlefreelibrary.org/
    7. Have readers?  Have your kids start a book club with their friends.
    8. Backyard campout!
    9. Family bike ride
    10. Water balloon fight
    11. Family game night
    12. Outdoor movie night
    13. Bug catching contest - how many bugs can you catch in 30 min?
    14. Go on a scavenger hunt -https://www.pinterest.com/pin/471329917255123126/
    15. Opposite Day - no means yes, walk backwards, breakfast for dinner…you get the idea
    16. Handwrite letters to friends
    17. Play in the sprinklers
    18. Nerf gun war or water gun war
    19. Put mentos is soda bottles and watch them explode
    20. Go geocaching https://www.geocaching.com/play
    21. Learn about another country and watch a movie and have a dinner that represents that country.
    22. Spend the day baking yummy treats and give them to friends and neighbors
    23. Send a hug to someone - Lay kids down on butcher paper with arms open and trace them. Cut it out and have them color themselves in.  Mail it off!
    24. Make a bird feeder
    25. Tie dye something
    26. What’s in the bag challenge…put different foods wrapped up in brown paper bags, let the kid(s) choose the bags, they have to eat whatever is in the bag.  Could be anything from anchovies to donuts.  LOL
    27. Make an obstacle course in the backyard
    28. Draw a self portrait
    29. Go toilet papering (now that TP is back in stock) …. If you do a friends house it’s really fun.  LOL
    30. Make a 2020 time capsule
    31. Go on a neighborhood clean up, pick up as much trash as possible in one hour. 
    32. Make popsicles
    33. Plant a garden
    34. Play the chubby bunny game- keep stuffing marshmallows (no chewing) in your mouth until you cant say "chubby bunny" anymore
    35. Take an online art class.
    36. Make sundaes
    37. Make smore’s
    38. Make homemade ice cream https://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-Homemade-Ice-Cream-In-A-Baggie/
    39. Side walk chalk
    40. Picnic dinner
    41. Paint rocks with encouraging works and put them around the neighborhood
    42. Make giant bubbles
    43. Bike wash… Let the kids start a business and wash the neighborhood kids bikes.
    44. Minute to win it game night with friends…There are tons of ideas on Pinterest!
    45. Pizza making night
    46. Write a story
    47. Learn about the stars and go stargazing
    48. Learn a new skill…knitting, crocheting, skateboarding..etc..
    49. Build an epic living room fort
    50. Have a milk bubble blowing contest.