Behold, my beloved mother's of a post pandemic shit storm....Do I have a day for you!  Is it made up?... Absolutely.  Is it genius?...100%. Is it long over due after all we have had to endure this past year...well, duh.  

The day is called MOMS DAY OFF and yes, it is exactly as it sounds...I kid you not my friends. 6 years ago, I decided I was done with everyone that lived with me in my home (not in like a forever way, but in a I need to not see your face for a day or  because I might punch it kind of way...CPS ain't a good look) and I wanted a freaking day off with no one hassling me, just me and my best girls and a fabulous bartender...because we are not animals.  I wanted no children or husband within 5 miles of me.  I wanted peace.  I wanted to speak without interruption, finish my sentences, sip yummy cocktails by my pool, laugh until I peed (which is really not that hard to do anymore) and just be blissfuly ignorant to all the responsibilities of motherhood for the day.  

I began planning this fabulous day with an invitation to 20 of my bests.  Everyone was obviously in because, why would you not be?  I made shirts and hats for each of them and themed it up.  It is almost like your bachelorette party but I honestly think better because you are really in need of this time away...actually you are desperate for it.

This epic day has become a staple in our mom circle.  Every first Saturday in August we MDO.  We come together from all over and live our best lives, we have all become closer because of it and more of a championing community to each other.  Women who build each other up?  Who doesn't want that?

Last year, MOMS DAY OFF became available to all who wanted to partake.  I launched an online retail party planning shop with options for invitations, hats, shirts, and party decor. MDO also hosts local public events and has adorable mom themed merchandise for everyday.

The point of MOMS DAY OFF is to create a movement for mothers.  We are depleted and exhausted, and are quite frankly undervalued in society.  We literally have the hardest job in the world.  Why not take the day and celebrate you?  MOMS DAY OFF can be anything you want it to be.  It can be a day at the lake, beach, the spa...anything.  Just make sure its a full day...don't cut it short, savor every minute.  It's not often you get to be selfish.  YOU deserve it.