A Virtual MDO!

Want to host an MDO, but the "rona" is holding you back?  No problem!  A virtual MDO is totally possible!   

Here’s the deal…We are stuck at home and It sucks.   Unfortunately, this life at the moment.  So, I did some digging and research to figure out how to make a virtual MDO possible.  Good news!…It is! 

  1. INVITATIONS.  Wait a minute, I happen to have some on my website!  So convenient! Pick a theme and download one of these puppies and put your zoom code on them! https://momsdayoff.com/collections/invitations
  1. BACKGROUNDS.  There are tons of free backdrops available on the web to make you look like you are at you are somewhere cool and edgy and not surrounded by unfolded laundry.  
  1. OUTFITS.  Okay.  I know a place where you can find perfectly themed shirts and hats (Shameless plug).  You could also do costumes which could be super fun.  For example, on the MDO website there is a FRIENDS theme.  Everyone involved could dress like a character or episode of that character.  For example, if you choose Rachel.  You could be just married to Ross in Vegas Rachel, or bridesmaid Rachel, or even pregnant Rachel…and so on and so fourth.  The MOMS RUN THIS SHIP theme?  Duh you could all be characters from Gilligan’s Island.  You get the idea. 
  1. GAMES.  There are a slew of ideas for virtual games on the web.  A personal fave is Pub trivia!  I used to do this in college and it was so fun.  Someone has to be in charge though and asking the Trivia questions.   
  1. COCKTAILS.  Every great party has a signature drink.  Think how fun it would be if you were all drinking the same thing?  I included some recipes you can easily make from home https://www.pinterest.com/MOMSDAYOFFSHOP/recipes-cocktails/.  Also, flabongos https://momsdayoff.com/products/flabongo work just as well from the comfort of your bedroom floor…just saying.
  1. GIFTS.  Moms Day Off began 5 years ago with swag as a memento being a huge part of it.  Send off some themed shirts and hats for your guests to remember the fun they had on that virtual MDO…I also know happen to know where you can get those...