Your Questions Answered


When should I have my MDO?

Whenever you want!  My tradition is to have it in August by the pool, but you are not limited to that!   


Who should I invite?

Again, you do you boo!  There are no rules with this.  It can be 2 people to 200!  Make it yours!  My only words of advice are…make it a full day and do not let your kids or any significant others come.  Think of this as a sacred day.  YOU DESERVE IT!  And, NO MOM GUILT ALLOWED!  Trust me, you will feel refreshed and your relationships with your girls with deepen with this time.  Enjoy it and savor it! 


I don’t have a pool but want to have a MDO…Can I?

Of course!  Just because I do MOMS DAY OFF a certain way doesn’t mean you do!  MDO is meant to be whatever you make it.  It can even be a day in jammies with your bests or an entire weekend away.  Ultimately, it’s about spending time together without distraction.  Get creative with it and share it with me!  I love seeing how you choose to spend it! 

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Do you ever take custom orders?

Yes, there are additional costs involved, but I do have a custom order package available. 


 Why no returns or exchanges?

I know this is not the most convenient.  But, I do promise you products that are quality and if something is ever wrong with your item, I vow to do my best to fix it.  If you ever have a fit question before placing an order, I am happy to answer it via email.  Integrity is what I value most in any relationship.  I promise to conduct my business and my relationship with you, the consumer the same way. 


How long will it take to get my order?

Since we are living under special circumstances at the moment, I am requesting you give me your party date at the time of order.  I promise to have your order in hand prior to that date.  If you are ordering a printed item (hat, shirt, bag) I do need at least 3 weeks prior to your party date since my printer and his staff have also been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the regulations that have been enforced. This timeline will change once the regulations have been lifted.


Do you ship outside of the US?

Yes we do!