What is MDO?  (MOMS DAY OFF)


About 5 years ago, I dreamt up a party that would include 25 of my closest mom friends. I warmed up the pool, hired a taco guy and bartender, had cute hats and shirts made, and pushed my kids and husband out the door. All 25 women just had to show up without children or significant others in tow and a bathing suit and sunscreen in hand. I called it MOMS DAY OFF. We drank, ate, talked, lounged, laughed, floated and hung out until our hearts were content. It ended up being the most epic day that we had all ever experienced. And the best part was...all of our relationships became closer from it, our tribe of beautiful women became stronger.

 Each year since, I have held the tradition of hosting MDO at my home. I pick a Saturday in August usually around April and we all plan our summer activities and vacations around it, because it is honestly just too good to miss. Last August, a mom friend of mine approached me and said, “you know, you should really try to sell this somehow.” “It is so unique and its something that every mom needs to really recharge and have fun. “you have something here. It’s special.” This little conversation stuck with me.  I couldn't stop thinking about what an amazing experience this has been for us all and how much I would love to start a MDO movement for all of the hardworking mothers out there. After all, what mother doesn't need a break? And how often do we actually get a chance to celebrate us? It was that little bit of encouragement that this crazy, event planning, creative mind of mine started to work in over drive. Hence, the launch of MOMS DAY OFF.

It doesn't matter how you do your own MDO, or even if you buy any of my product. My whole mission is that mothers everywhere will give themselves a day off to celebrate this achievement of raising the tiny humans into functioning people. It can be thankless, hard, exhausting, and an emotional roller coaster. Let's start recognizing ourselves and the hard work we put in day in and day out. Let's start celebrating that we are doing our damn best. We all have women in our lives who are our support and community; whether it be aunts, mothers, grandmas, friends, cousins...whatever! Bring those women together, go somewhere exciting, have a huge party, or even stay home in your pajamas together, the point is...do something together without distraction. We need each other. We should should spend time with each other. And we should celebrate each other.

Im so excited to see how you choose to spend your MDO. I promise you, you will not regret spending this time away in order to focus on some of the incredible women you have around you and celebrate what an amazing job you are all doing taking care of your children.